Upcoming Dialogues At The ARC

There are a number of opportunities to get together with others and talk about how we can strengthen our community.  Here are some upcoming dialogues all of which are being held at the ARC, 1701 W.Ash St.:

The Next Trib Talks Forum:  February 11, at 7 pm  –Dialogue on community, “Are We An Us?”

Columbia Parents For Public Schools:  January 30, at 9 am – Dialogue using the guide “Ensuring Our Future: What Communities Can Do To Help All Kids Succeed”

Cradle to Career Alliance Raising of America Series:

  • February 8, 6 pm: Wounded Places

  • March 14, 6 pm: DNA Is Not Destiny

  • April 11, 6 pm: Are We Crazy About Our Kids?

  • Learn more at: http://raisingofamerica.org/

We hope you can join in for one or more.

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